Hello! I’m Irene.

I’m a Senior Product Designer with 5+ years of experience designing B2B products and 7+ years of experience in startups. I believe that well-designed products can bring both happiness to users and success to businesses. I have experience working in both large product teams and as a solo designer, taking B2B products from ideation to development.

I like to collaborate with engineers, product managers, designers and other stakeholders and work together to create intuitive digital products that not only make businesses stronger, but their employees happier. I am empathetic, curious and driven, and tend to ask a lot of questions (some of them arguably stupid).

I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I do enjoy writing, journaling, reading and going out for walks and coffee. Yes, it sounds like I am 35 going on 70, but I am naturally introspective, so a peaceful lifestyle works for me.

You will find a comprehensive list of all my UX skills and work experience in my CV.

For any queries, send an email to irenealgi@gmail.com