The Embed Unit is (in my opinion) one of Poplar Studio’s most interesting products. Designed and built completely in-house, it enables end-users (e-commerce customers) to view products from all angles, try them out in their own environment and even try them on themselves.

The Embed Unit works in the browser rather than within an app, and therefore can be integrated within any e-commerce site. If browsing on a computer, a QR code will prompt the user to scan the code and view the product on their mobile device. If browsing on their mobile device, a button will launch the AR experience.

Requirements and functionalities

  • A mobile-friendly app that allows consumers to view products in a 3D model format.
  • It lets consumers try on products on themselves (Virtual Try On) or in their own environment (Product Visualisation).
  • Allows consumers to browse through the product catalogue.
  • Displays information about the product.
  • Gives easy access to the rest of the product catalogue by displaying different categories through a categories panel.
  • Gives consumers the chance to send items to their trolley straight away, without leaving the app.
  • Allows users to take a photo of themselves trying on a product.
  • Works on both Desktop and Mobile Devices.

Embed Unit

The main interface of the Embed Unit allows users to view different products and access information about them. They can also add the product to their basket and switch product categories by accessing the bottom menu.

Showing users how to use the AR functionality

Because AR is still very new and this product needs to cater to all kinds of users, we have included some guidance on how to use the View in AR feature. Every screen includes a short clip showing how to use the tool.

Product tour

Upon first launch, and every time the user comes back to the site, a short (and skippable) product tour pops up to quickly walk users through the tool’s different functionalities.