I was 22 when I got my first DSLR camera – and the only one I’ve ever had. The old yet solid Canon 50D. Besides the fact that it requires a Compact Flash card (and that the sensor needs some cleaning), it’s perfect. It’s still holding up!

One of my favourite types of photography is portrait photography. It allows me to interact with people on a different level – even strangers! – and get to know them better. There’s something very intimate about having your photo taken, it’s like they are about to capture your soul. For a portrait to be successful, both photographer and subject need to feel extremely comfortable and trust each other. Some sessions have been truly catastrophic, but I can proudly say that many have been successful.

Here’s a small taste of my portrait photography.


Jessica’s is one of my most recent photoshoots, and she’s also the youngest model I’ve ever worked with, as she was still in her teens at the time. Her being so young, I wanted to keep the session relaxed and innocent, and we shot in Covent Garden, China Town and by the Thames.


Emma is a bioscientist and model I met during my first year in London. We went to Richmond park for this photoshoot, and I remember it being a very cold day in March, and the light being incredibly gorgeous.


Brunilda went to University with me, and one day approached me to have some photos taken. I didn’t expect much to come from that, but to this day her photos are one of my favs – especially the ice-cream one!


The gorgeous Savina, with her massive eyes and equally big smile, is a dear friend of mine. We did this photoshoot in her apartment.


I went to High School with Elisabet, and through the years we’ve kept in touch. Back when I lived in Barcelona, I would regularly organise photoshoots with her – and I can say I am very grateful for that, as I learned a lot while working with her.