Nov 9th - Nov 15th

  • This week has also been quite good; I have started a new project at work I’m really excited about!
  • I have learned a new song on the ukulele, Taylor Swift’s Lover . I had to learn the song by heart first so that I could then sing along while playing. Some of the transitions are still tricky to do quickly enough, but I’m getting there!
  • Yesterday we watched It happened one night by Frank Capra, a 1934 film about a millionaire’s daughter who decides to escape and the journalist she meets along the way. It’s a screwball comedy.
  • I have finished reading I’ve been meaning to tell you, David Chariandy’s letter to his thirteen-year-old daughter. He mostly discusses his experiences with racism as a black man in modern Canada.
  • I’m also reading Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile. It’s going to take me a long while to finish it, but so far I’m really enjoying it and it’s making me re-consider a lot of my ideas and views.
  • Two interesting articles I’ve come across this week are The spiral of silence and Make Design System right.
  • As a bonus, there’s this article by Tim Urban (Wait but why) on family trees and ancestry. I don’t know how to describe this, but it’s interesting, funny and humbling.
  • We have also been playing Wilmot’s Warehouse, which is a really fun puzzle game involving a little squared character and warehouse where you have to organise a series of items that keep being added to it. It’s very interesting as an information architecture exercise, and also kind of peaceful as you get breaks during which you can reorganise items at your own pace. Very fun to play with someone else as well!
  • I wrote a short think piece (my first, kind of) about how sometimes we believe we are in the right and are tempted to think that those with a different opinion are therefore wrong. The more I listen to other people having different opinions, the more I think there is more value in trying to understand those who think differently than listening to those who agree with you. I know it’s hard, but it’s also doable.