Nov 23rd - Nov 29th

  • I don’t have much to update on this week; I feel like I haven’t done much that’s interesting
  • I have discovered a wonderful singer called Laufey and she’s just brilliant
  • Barre chords on the ukulele are getting slightly easier, but still struggling with barre chords on the first fret. My index finger and thumb start cramping pretty quickly, and so does my forearm. It’s a sign I’m not strong enough!
  • I’m still reading the same really long books:
  • We have watched a Spanish TV series that was phenomenal; it’s about a group of riot policemen and the aftermath of an eviction gone awry. It feels more like a documentary than fiction, especially in its first episode, and all the actors do an incredible job. Highly recommend!
  • We have also watched Hitchcock Dial M for Murder, which was also really good