Nov 30th - Dec 6th

  • This week hasn’t felt that productive in terms of things outside work. I have been focusing a lot on design work for Poplar Studio, which has left deflated after 7pm and with no much time for reading. I have also felt more tired than usual and more lethargic, which might be a seasonal thing for me (as it is for many others), so I sleep longer hours and haven’t been reading in the mornings.
  • Ukulele-wise, I have been playing A million dreams, which is a beautiful song I adore.
  • We watched Billy Wilder’s Double indemnity, which in my view was not as amazing as I thought it’d be, and we also watched Spanish director Javier Fesser’s Historias Lamentables, which was very funny.

And, finally, you wouldn’t believe it: I’m still reading the same really long books!