Dec 14th - Dec 20th

  • I’ve been practicing with the guitar and can now kind-of-sort-of play Moon River, which sounds beautiful! Now I want a guitar.
  • I’ve been on holiday since Friday 18th, and I’ve welcomed the break.
  • I’ve binged on the new seasons of This is us and Grey’s Anatomy (I know, still); both shows have introduced the pandemic into their plot lines, Grey’s Anatomy in particular are focusing a lot on the impact of COVID-19 on hospitals, medical practitioners, etc.
  • Reading-wise, I have (finally!) finished I capture the castle by Dodie Smith. It’s an interesting take on the role of women in England in the 1930s and how marrwas still - even then - a perfectly fine option to guarantee your own survival and that of your family.
  • Still reading Antifragile and The righteous mind. In terms of fiction, I have started Red at the bone, by Jacqueline Woodson.