Dec 21st - Dec 27th

  • We are now in Barcelona, staying with my parents. Because of the whole COVID-19 situation I’m not seeing any of my friends (except for one, masks on), so that means we’re staying at home for the most part.
  • My dad has bought a new piano, one of those hybrid ones, and I’m learning to play some chords. I have a naturally good ear for music, so it’s quite easy for me to intuitively ‘find’ a song with my right hand and learn new things on the piano. The guitar and ukulele are harder to learn on because they require dexterity and finger strength and flexibility, which I do not have.
  • We have started watching The Queen’s Gambit alongside my mom. So far it looks promising! I did read the novel about two years ago, back when nobody knew about it. I think I have it four stars.
  • I have completed my Goodreads challenge this year, which is possibly a first: 50 books! I did finish two shorter (and easier) novels in the last week: Red at the bone and Elearnor & Park. Both of them I had been meaning to read for a while, neither of them impressed me.
  • I’m still reading Antifragile and The righteous mind, and at this point I doubt I’ll be able to finish either of them by the end of the year. And that’s ok.