Dec 28th - Jan 3rd

  • Second week of Christmas holidays and end of the year celebrations, this time with my parents in Barcelona. 2020 has been quite the year for everyone, so I’m not going to repeat what everyone else has already said. We celebrated at home, which for us is pretty normal anyway, and ate 12 grapes as it’s the tradition in Spain.
  • We went on our traditional yearly walk on the little hill behind my parents house. As always, it was wonderfully warm for winter time – Barcelona weather tends to be mild – and very sunny.
  • I completed my Goodreads challenge of 50 books to read this year, and in fact went over the target and completed 51. And I know it’s silly, but it makes me proud.
  • We finished watching The Queen’s Gambit, which in my opinion was alright. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I really do not understand the hype behind it – I don’t think it’s that good.
  • The good thing about watching The Queen’s Gambit has been going back to playing, which my partner – who plays regularly online – is excited about. He’d really like to play with me more often, but we’re currently at different levels in terms of ability.
  • I have finally finished reading Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile, which I might write a whole blog post about. So I won’t say anything about it here.
  • I’m currently reading The Mermaids Singing by Val McDermid, which I attempted to read many years ago and couldn’t due to the nature of the content, which is gore and grotesque. I seem to tolerate it better this time around, and the writing is good, so I might be able to finish it.
  • We also watched Pixar’s latest release, Soul, which is absolutely wonderful and I strongly recommend it, especially to an adult audience.