Jan 4th - Jan 10th

  • Last week in Barcelona. For the first time in forever, I’m feeling a little bit homesick, but it might be the good weather more than anything else.
  • During my last week in Barcelona I have played my dad’s piano a lot and I’ve learned a few chords. I’ve gone from not being able to play a single chord to learning a couple of harmonic scales, learning to transpose and learning to invert chords. I’d say it’s not a bad start!
  • My mood has been a little bit on the lower side due to everything that’s been going on with – well – everything, but I guess that’s pretty normal.
  • I’ve watched a couple of movies but they are not worth mentioning, and I’m still reading The The Mermaids Singing and The Righteous Mind.
  • I have discovered the Headway App, where you can read summaries of popular non-fiction books. So far I’m only using their free service, which consists of a free book every day (of their choice). Unfortunately I was not impressed by the first three, but I’m not losing hope yet.
  • My English students (and family members) got me a Mi Smart Band 5 and so far it’s pretty nice! I mean, it’s not incredible, but – for the price – it does what it says on the tin pretty well.
  • I have started cutting down on hyper-caloric and fatty food and doing a bit more exercise (from 0 to 1, shouldn’t be that hard) because I’m trying to lose the few pounds I’ve gained throughout the pandemic. I will update my progress on here :)