Jan 11th - Jan 17th

  • Back in London, my mood has continued to be low, partly because it’s been raining most of the week and I haven’t been able to go outside anyway because I’m self-isolating.
  • I’m almost done reading The righteous mind, and I’m halfway through The mermaids singing. I’ve put together a list of books I would like to read in 2021. It’s not meant as a constraint, but rather as an orientation.
  • We have started watching Money heist. I know, I know, we’re quite late to that party. We just finished Season 1 and so far it’s quite good with a few misses here and there. I have also started watching Season 3 of Killing Eve, which - in all honesty - is getting a bit too crazy even for its own standards.
  • We finally watched Tenet, and - while I love some of Nolan’s movies - this is not one of his best in my opinion. Too weird for my liking.
  • I’ve learned a couple of things on the ukulele, but what I’m really looking forward to is the new keyboard I ordered just yesterday. It should arrive sometime this week!
  • I mentioned I started cutting down on unhealthy food, and so far it’s going quite well. What I try to do is roast a bunch of vegetables which I can then mix with pasta, rice and protein sources.